"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."
Recent picture taken in Gaza.
❝ There are no bargains between lions and men. I will kill you and eat you raw.
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Wilt Chamberlain


every now and then you gotta go and throw channel orange on shuffle and just gotdamn live life.

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Crap you guys, it’s so real.


Since everyone seems to be making these into text posts lately I decided to do that as well, based on my Pokemon MBTI type chart
ISTJ - Rock
ISFJ - Bug
INFJ - Ground
INTJ - Poison
ISTP - Fighting
ISFP - Ice
INFP - Grass
INTP - Psychic
ESTP - Electric
ESFP - Flying
ENFP - Fairy
ENTP - Dragon
ESTJ - Normal
ESFJ - Fire
ENFJ  - Water
ENTJ - Dark

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